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Complex High Net Worth Divorce

Introduction to Complex High Net Worth Divorce

It is crucial to have skillful attorneys handling the division of significant marital assets and other financial concerns in a divorce or a separation. Our attorneys are experienced in high level martial asset discovery. Some significant assets that our attorneys are experienced with include:

  • Investments
  • Division of Property
  • Real Estate Holdings
  • Professional Degrees and Licenses,
  • Evaluation of Business and Commercial Holdings

Our attorneys have experience with high-net worth divorces and use both care and precision to properly manage your financial matters.

What is the Divorce Process?

Traditionally, in divorce litigation, the parties view each other in a competitive manner and look to the court system and judges to resolve their dispute in a public forum, resulting in significant emotional and financial damage to the entire family. Due to the high costs and emotional drain that can result from divorce litigation, our skilled attorneys attempt to preserve both wealth and assets without incurring unnecessary court expenses. It is true that divorce cases tend to be resolved without the need for a trial. In fact, there are many alternatives to traditional divorce litigation. These alternatives include:

  • Collaborative divorce
  • Mediation
  • Alternative dispute resolution

After countless attempts of reaching a reasonable settlement when agreement seems improbable, the attorneys at Davis Friedman are here to help you explore additional options. After listening to your goals and analyzing your objectives, we can help by informing you of the next steps to take in order to reach your desired result. Through the review and evaluation of your beliefs, our knowledgeable attorneys develop a strategy to help you succeed in meeting your goals and objectives.

Child Custody and Child Support in High Net Worth Divorce

When children are involved in the divorce process, the resolution of parenting issues tends to be the most emotionally challenging parts. Children will always remain a part of each parent’s lives. Furthermore, in a complex high net worth divorce case, the stakes may be even higher when children are involved in the matter.

The knowledgeable attorneys of Davis Friedman have experience in the various aspects of litigation, in particular litigation involving parenting rights and parenting issues that you may be involved in. Our firm uses the utmost care in its representation and each attorney at our firm shows they care through by listening to your goals, strategizing available objectives, and remaining sensitive during such an emotional experience.

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