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Litigation & Trial

Before a case goes to trial you and your attorneys at Davis Friedman will have discussed the basic question of what can be achieved in settlement as opposed to what is the range of probable results from a trial. Whether the issues are determining the worth of your spouse’s business, valuation and division of assets, custody or allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time, domestic violence, maintenance or child support, every case potentially has issues that cannot be resolved without the court’s assistance.

Once the decision is made to proceed to trial your case assumes a new posture. The intensity of litigation increases which requires more participation by you. You will work closely with your Davis Friedman attorneys in preparing for your testimony and helping in the preparation of the direct and cross-examination of the other potential witnesses. Critical to trial preparation is the review of documents and taking of depositions to be ready for trial.

A divorce trial is unique in one respect compared to other areas of law. The facts may evolve as the case proceeds. To be ready to respond to new facts is expected in family law. You and your Davis Friedman attorneys will work together as new facts are uncovered or new events occur to formulate responses to the changed circumstances. Your confidence in Davis Friedman is well placed. Collectively we have more than 450 years of litigation experience to draw upon to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Critical to the success of any trial is a clear understanding of your expectations and goals. Formulating a plan to meet your requirements and then successfully executing the agreed upon strategy is the hallmark of our representation of hundreds of satisfied clients.

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