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Tips for Keeping Your Divorce as Amicable as Possible


Published on February 18th, 2022

Just the thought of going through a divorce is enough to raise the heart rates of the most harmonious of couples. Even married partners who get along well may find that filing papers, dividing their belongings, and dealing with parenting issues are enough to put a strain on their relationship. While most couples going through a divorce never end up in a courtroom, the process can still drag on if they can’t agree on the terms of their agreement.

It is generally in the best interests of everyone involved to try to keep your divorce as amicable as possible. This doesn’t mean giving in to demands that you consider unreasonable or unfair. However, taking steps to stay on good terms can shorten the length of your divorce and even save you money.

Create a Strong Support Network

Friends, relatives, and other members of one’s social network can play an important role in supporting a couple that is splitting up – including setting the right tone. Let people in your life know from the outset that you don’t need them to find fault with your ex. There may be times when you could use a babysitter while you’re going through files or packing boxes. A support network that doesn’t point fingers or play the blame game can be a positive influence during an otherwise trying time.

Focus on the Well-Being of Others – And That Can Include Your Ex

If you and your ex share children, you are probably already invested in making sure they are faring well during your divorce. There’s an additional benefit to focusing on others: it can be a helpful coping mechanism during hard times, including the dissolution of a marriage. Your child may need support when transitioning to new living arrangements. When you show up at school events and check in on friends and family, you have less time to ruminate about your own issues.

This lesson can even extend to your ex, as long as staying in touch doesn’t introduce unnecessary strain into your lives. Just acknowledging that you understood the impact the divorce is having on one another can ease resentments that might be building. Working on building emotional stability for everyone affected by the divorce helps create a smoother ending to your marriage than what your family might otherwise experience.

Know That You Still May Need an Illinois Attorney

Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex appear to agree on the finer points, here are some reasons you may still need professional representation:

  1. You Share Minor Children.

    One important reason you may want to seek representation is for assistance with the legalities related to co-parenting issues.

  2. One Party Will Owe Spousal Maintenance (Alimony). 

    Establishing spousal support can get complicated, especially if one party has been a stay-at­ home parent while the other is the primary income provider.

  3. One or Both Spouses Share a Business, Real Estate, or Other Complex Assets.

    When complex assets such as a family business are involved, your attorney will be able to provide expert advice and ensure the best possible outcome.

No one is more familiar with the law and how it applies to individual cases than a seasoned Davis Friedman family law attorney. Even under the best circumstances, an experienced lawyer will know how to process all of the paperwork in an appropriate and timely fashion. Their expertise can be particularly helpful in the dissipation of longer marriages, those involving high­ net-worth couples, and ones that involve complex financial situations such as business ownership.

Partner with a Trusted Davis Friedman Family Law Attorney to Discuss Parenting Agreements

When divorcing spouses are not aware of the ramifications of certain actions on their case, a Davis Friedman attorney will help them understand their respective rights. Steps like moving out of the marital home or transferring large sums of money out of shared bank accounts may negatively impact your case. Consulting an experienced divorce lawyer from the onset will allow you to get advice on the best course of action for your particular situation. With tricky issues such as co-parenting and child custody disputes, the right lawyer will also help bring an effective, economical and amicable closure to any dispute you’re experiencing.

Even if you think your divorce will be amicable, it is best to meet with an experienced divorce lawyer at Davis Friedman, LLP first. Divorce law is complicated; you don’t want to be caught off guard or unprepared. Contact our top-rated family law firm as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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